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NAD+Qi supplementation is specially designed to rejuvenate your beloved pet’s energy, enhance their longevity, and support their overall health.


The Essence of Pet Vitality

NAD+Qi is not just a supplement – it’s a testament to the belief that every pet deserves to live a life brimming with energy and vitality. Manufactured with the utmost precision in the United Kingdom, each batch of NAD+Qi is a symbol of our dedication to quality, purity, and the transformative power of NAD+.

This miracle molecule is essential for numerous bodily functions, playing a crucial role in energy metabolism, cellular repair, and the maintenance of healthy aging processes. By offering a highly bioavailable form of NAD+ through our oromucosal application, we ensure that your pets receive the maximum benefits of this life-enhancing compound. Embrace NAD+Qi, and embark on a journey towards unparalleled vitality and wellness for your cherished companions.

the benefits

Enhancing Pet Wellbeing with Nad+Qi

In animals, NAD+ Supplementation has been suggested to offer several potential benefits, including:


Energy Metabolism

NAD+Qi boosts cellular energy conversion, offering enhanced vitality, particularly for aging or metabolically challenged pets.


Aging and Longevity

NAD+Qi counters natural NAD+ decline with age, supporting longer, healthier lives by maintaining youthful vigor and wellbeing.


Exercise Performance

Improves stamina and recovery, ideal for active pets, by supporting cellular repair and energy production.


Mitochondrial Function

By supporting mitochondria, NAD+Qi promotes sustained energy and overall cell health, essential for your pet’s daily activities.


Neurological Health

NAD+Qi contributes to the maintenance of cognitive functions, helping pets remain sharp and agile throughout their lives.


Immune System Enhancement

NAD+Qi contributes to a stronger immune response, helping pets fend off illness and maintain their health.

Do You Have Any Questions About Nad+Qi?

about qi

What is Qi?

“Metabolism is converting everything your pet eats into everything that they are and everything that they do.”

While there are many ways to pronounce it and spell this, Qi means the same thing across many languages. It means the “life force” or energy in every living thing. The
Chinese history taught that this was the energy that seems to flow through and
around every living creature. When you truly understand how this energy flows, you can construct exercises and therapy to live a longer fuller life.

NAD+ as the life force that moves electrons from one molecule to another in all of these metabolic processes, allowing us to generate energy as well as build and repair every part of our bodies. Conditions that disrupt NAD+ disrupt our health.

NAD+ is the central catalyst of our metabolism, which is much more than simply turning food into energy.

our story

A Health Revolution for Pets

The inception of Nad+ Qi Animalia energetics in 2012 marks a pivotal moment in pet health innovation, spearheaded by John Gillen, a former jockey and professional British racehorse trainer. After stepping away from the racing world due to health challenges, Gillen embarked on a decade-long scientific journey to explore the underlying causes of his condition. His research led him to the discovery of the coenzyme NAD+, a crucial molecule he identified as a missing component in his health puzzle. Recognizing NAD+’s essential role in biological energy production and overall wellness, Gillen became a European pioneer in NAD+ therapy.

Through his pioneering efforts, NAD+ has gained recognition as a significant supplement for longevity, metabolism, and health. Leveraging his firsthand experiences and the transformative power of NAD+, Gillen has extended this breakthrough to the animal kingdom. Nad+ Qi Animalia energetics is the culmination of years of dedication, now offering pets a unique, pure pharma-grade NAD+ supplement. This proprietary formulation is crafted for freshness and purity, bringing Gillen’s passion for animal well-being to pet owners worldwide.

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Purchase Nad+Qi for Pets

Nad+Qi represents a superfood supplement unlike any other!


Each Nad+Qi supplement is custom-made upon order, ensuring unmatched purity and freshness.

We use only pharmaceutical high-grade NAD+ processing, to guarantee the best for your pet.

Each bottle features a leak-free valve and provides 30 doses for a month’s supply of pet vitality.

It is recommended to wait 30 minutes before letting your pet drink after administration.

To maintain its integrity, store Nad+Qi in chilled conditions upon arrival.


questions & answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Nad+Qi is a premium pet supplement that harnesses the power of Pharma Grade NAD+ to support various aspects of your pet's health. It is specifically formulated to enhance energy metabolism, support mitochondrial health, aid in healthy aging and longevity, improve neurological health, and boost exercise performance and recovery. Made from pharmaceutical high-grade NAD+ processing (not raw NAD+ powder), it ensures the highest purity and bioavailability for your pet's needs.

Each Nad+Qi product is individually prepared upon order to guarantee freshness and purity. Unlike supplements made from raw NAD+ powder, Nad+Qi undergoes pharmaceutical high-grade processing to maintain the integrity and efficacy of the NAD+. This meticulous approach ensures that every dose from each bottle is as effective as the last, providing your pet with consistent benefits.

The dosage of Nad+Qi depends on the size of your pet. Cats and small dogs should receive 1ml per day, while medium to large dogs may require 1ml to 2ml per day. Each bottle contains 30 doses, offering a month's supply. For best bioavailability, it's recommended not to let your pet drink water for 30 minutes post-administration. The product comes with a safe seal adapter valve for easy and leak-free drawing up of the supplement.

To preserve the quality and effectiveness of Nad+Qi, it's best kept in chilled conditions upon arrival. This helps maintain the potency of the NAD+ and ensures your pet receives the full health benefits with each dose.

While Nad+Qi is designed to benefit pets broadly, individual health conditions and needs can vary. We strongly recommend consulting with a veterinarian before introducing Nad+Qi or any new supplement into your pet's regimen. This ensures that the supplement complements your pet's specific health requirements and dietary needs.

NAD+ plays a crucial role in energy metabolism, cellular health, and the body's overall functioning. In animals, supplementation with NAD+ has shown promising results in areas such as energy metabolism, mitochondrial health, aging and longevity, neurological health, and exercise performance. While research is ongoing, the existing studies and evidence suggest that NAD+ can be a valuable component of your pet's health and wellness strategy.

The timeframe for observing noticeable benefits from Nad+Qi can vary based on your pet's individual health status, age, and the specific condition being addressed. Some pet owners report seeing improvements in energy levels and overall vitality within a few weeks, while other benefits, particularly those related to aging and long-term health, may take longer to manifest. Consistent daily supplementation, as part of a comprehensive health plan, is key to achieving the best results.

Yes, there is a version of Nad+Qi designed specifically for humans! To learn more about how Nad+Qi can benefit human health and wellness, including detailed information on product options and how to incorporate NAD+ into your daily routine, please visit our dedicated website at . Here, you'll find all the resources you need to start your journey towards improved vitality and longevity with Nad+Qi.

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